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Case studies

AI-powered Shopping Assistant Startup

Chat box with user prompting 'I want a new Macbook' and chatbot responding with shopping guidance and clarifying questions in the style of the tech YouTuber it's representing

The team at Gadget Software over-delivers. At Aisle, we set out to build the first e-comm platform native to the creator economy– specifically rooted in conversational commerce capabilities enabled by LLMs. After developing the idea/plan, I was referred to Gadget by a network connection and happy customer. Sanath and Eduardo’s experience, intelligence, and professionalism were immediately apparent. They had relevant projects to extrapolate insights from, they were able to efficiently translate high-level thoughts into a technical roadmap, and most of all they championed flexibility and generosity. Unlike many other dev shops, this team prioritizes value for their partners and not for themselves. It was common for them to offer extra time to walk through something I didn’t fully understand (extremely helpful when you’re early-phase and playing telephone with customers, developers, and investors), and they were always honest about what they thought would move the needle even if it meant less hours/work for them. I would easily recommend the level of partnership that Gadget follows through with.

Jacob Laufer,

Automatic mass translation checker

Gadget Software made it extremely easy to get started and finish the project with minimal time invested from my part. Just a few meetings to handle handoff, some back and forth messaging on when features were released, and a bit of feedback, and now I have a fully working, cutting edge LLM leveraging translation application that has turned a 105 hour man hour job into just two easy hours. The ROI is absolutely insane. Can't recommend working with them enough.

Taylor Matthews,
CEO, Mugen Creations

AI Vehicle Coach (Web3/API Integrated)

We needed to integrate data from various sources, including the blockchain, and make a chatbot that answers the user's questions Gadget Software came on high recommendation through a relationship with one of the DIMO founders. Their expertise in how to leverage current AI products for what we wanted to build, and how thoughtful and involved they wanted to be in the project and bigger picture of Vehicle Genius at the beginning of the relationship made them a an easy decision to work with.

We needed to integrate existing API data for specific vehicles, to make a chat assistant to answer questions related to a user's vehicle. We ended up using it as a tool to speed up customer support - and found that we had a 15% gain in productivity on that side of the business.

Additionally, they integrated a Web3 Oauth process involving Metamask and transfer of vehicle data through the blockchain. Even in a situation where they were provided little guidance or documentation - they figured out how to complete the project requirements satisfactorily.

Colin Knudsen,
Vehicle Genius

Character NFT AI Chatbot

We were in search of a chatbot for our NFT project that would communicate with our users when messaged on Discord. We had content, but not enough to "train" an AI model on, which we thought was a major challenge. Gadget Software offered a custom, bleeding edge solution that mixed a small dataset of related content with the quality of answers from ChatGPT to give us an AI Chatbot personality that sounded exactly like we wanted.

Mitama Mint Team
Chatbot in action being asked a couple questions in different contexts

Mass message sending scripts for a promoter group in Tokyo

I decided to automate part of my workflow because I often didn't have enough time to complete it manually. Even when I had the time, it was tedious work that I dreaded.

I chose Gadget Software because of their fast response time for the initial quote, for starting the work and for delivering the first release of the software.

Compared to other offerings, I liked the fact that they agreed to sell the software as a product, including the source code, as opposed to SaaS with closed-off source code.

The software freed up some of my time, enabling me to relax or focus on aspects that currently can't be automated.

Even though the initial objective was achieved, I keep working with Gadget Software for adding new features and functions to the software.

Promoter group in Tokyo

Order fulfillment automation for an e-commerce business

Our company Fruchtbote is a German e-commerce business. We specialize in the delivery of fresh raw fruits in Europe especially for the German market.

We worked together with Gadget Software to automate our fulfillment process and improve the efficiency in our day to day business. Before that we used pen and paper for employees during the fulfillment process, which led to errors and huge time expenditure.

Since working with Gadget Software we could save 4x the time and valuable resources.

Daniel Gepp

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